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Tue Sep 22 07:51:33 UTC 2009
Andreas Rogge <a.rogge at solvention.de>

Am Dienstag, den 25.08.2009, 23:41 +0200 schrieb Tim Verhoeven:
> Hi again,
> After being busy with some other stuff I had some time to look into
> this some more.
> First there is the issue that wget does not follow urls mentioned in
> CSS. Well, some good news here. The current development version of
> wget (1.12) has received support for it. I've tested and it indeed
> works. I can probably create a RPM for it if people are interested in
> this.

I'd rather not go down that road - the import statements can be probably
followed more or less easily with find + awk + wget using just the
distro's wget. I guess maintaining such a script is simpler than
maintaining an additional wget package.

> So, once wget has run and see 2 more things that needs to be done.
> First is to add the disclaimer to each page. Andreas, I've tried using
> your XSLT (using xsltproc) but it does not seem to work here. Its
> probably my total ignorance about XML and XSL and how to use it. So if
> you could show how exactly to apply it ?
Hmm... it has been quite a time, but after all it was just doing:
  mv $f $f.bak
  xsltproc -o $f redhat2centos.xsl $f.bak
  rm $f.bak
for every html-file.

The hard part was to make it fast - xsltproc downloads every dtd from
the web, so you usually want to set XML_CATALOG_FILES accordingly, have
the DTDs ready and use --no-net for xsltproc.
I'll need to write a few lines of script-code to automate the setup,
because in XML it seems every path needs to be absolute...

> Secondly all the Red Hat logos need to be removed/replaced. Looking at
> the deployment guide this looks to be a relatively short list. So it
> should not be that hard for the script to have list of files to
> replace after the mirroring that takes care of this.

Yes. I guess it would be rather easy to update the image sources to
point at centos content using xsl and just have a list of files that
must not exist in our mirrored content.

Do not hesitate to bug me. If in doubt, just CC me - I often read the
lists rather infrequently...


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