[CentOS-devel] QA accessibility

Mon Sep 14 15:38:48 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Phil,

> A message on centos-users has raised a question in my mind about the
> openness of the QA process.  I'm pretty sure that there is no desire to
> greatly expand the QA team, but on the other hand a few more serious QA
> testers might be worthwhile.  I started to reply to the message below
> with a link to an announcement of opportunity to join the QA team from
> the centos-devel list, and possibly to add a bit to the "Contribute"
> page, but decided it might be better to bounce the idea around here instead.

This is what I wrote a few weeks ago and I would really appreciate an
open and transparent QA process. I personally don't see any good
reason why QA access should not be granted to ppl willing to help out.

Best Regards