[CentOS-devel] Package backports - 5.4 kernel

Wed Sep 16 10:48:26 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 09/15/2009 09:00 PM, Jason Parker wrote:
> I can't agree with this new policy, and I hope these comments demonstrate why.

I just realised that it might have been you on irc last night, but you 
left before we could actually have a conversation.

In principle what you are saying here is not something that anyone 
disputes. However, the packages that are out there now are all security 
updates - and the EL* platform runs as a single package stream. If there 
are specific features that need >= versions of userland or deps of 
anykind, those are reflected in the package Requirements

In this case, and specially the openfabrics code, we did some testing to 
make sure that nothing breaks and only pushed these packages out into 
the public repo's after that. If there are specific breakages, lets look 
at resolving those.

Overall, I think its important we get the security updates out to as 
many people as possible - so long as we dont break things.

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