[CentOS-devel] iet

Mon Sep 21 23:54:04 UTC 2009
Jerry Amundson <jamundso at gmail.com>

On 9/21/09, Jerry Amundson <jamundso at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now to reboot and start running with it...

or, just
chkconfig iscsi-target on
service iscsi-target start
is what I meant. Modules are fun! :)

# modinfo iscsi_trgt
filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.18-164.el5PAE/kernel/iscsi/iscsi_trgt.ko
author:         IET development team <iscsitarget-devel at lists.sourceforge.net>
description:    iSCSI Enterprise Target
license:        GPL
version:        svn_r236
srcversion:     240A771B0B74BBB6B633171
vermagic:       2.6.18-164.el5PAE SMP mod_unload 686 REGPARM 4KSTACKS gcc-4.1
parm:           worker_thread_pool_size:Size of the worker thread pool
(0 = dedicated threads per target (default)) (ulong)
parm:           debug_enable_flags:debug bitmask, low bits (0 ... 8)
used, see iscsi_dbg.h (ulong)