[CentOS-devel] nx/freenx updates

Wed Aug 11 16:39:33 UTC 2010
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 08/11/2010 05:36 PM, Akemi Yagi wrote:
>> http://centos.toracat.org/misc/nx/5/SRPMS/nx-3.4.0-5.el5.ay.src.rpm
>> http://centos.toracat.org/misc/nx/5/SRPMS/freenx-0.7.3-5.el5.ay.src.rpm
> I am aware that Tru has been busy; otherwise I would have asked him
> like I did the last time. Who else can sign and push these packages?

I'll take care of these tonight.

- KB