[CentOS-devel] wine 1.2 packages

Thu Aug 12 10:10:30 UTC 2010
Janez Kosmrlj <postnalista at googlemail.com>

> Ok, the details are:
> checking for flex... flex
> checking whether flex is recent enough... no
> configure: error: Your flex version is too old. Please install flex version
> 2.5.33 or newer.
> So I guess you build a newer version of flex in order to build a newer
> version of wine, right ?
> I have been playing with the idea myself to have a separate 'build'
> repository in RPMforge that replaces a few of the 'older' buildtools. It
> would allow us to rebuild some software without pulling new requirements
> that replace base packages.
> (flex and make come to mind, there were a few others)
> It could be:
>        .rf.    rpmforge stable
>        .rfb.   rpmforge buildtools
>        .rft.   rpmforge testing
> What do people think ?
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It required a newer flex version to build. I took the fedora 7 version,
which is new enough and it installs on centos 5.5 without complaining for
dependencies. If you do some patching to the official version, it also
requires a newer autoconf version.

Also for instalation it requires nss-mdns package, which i got from ATrpms.
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