[CentOS-devel] EOL plans for C3

Thu Aug 12 20:33:16 UTC 2010
Blake Hudson <blake at ispn.net>

>> is it worth investigating the option to move the physical machine 
>> running C3 into a virtualised host on C4/5/6 ?
> How would that help? The problem being addressed is that the software will 
> no longer be maintained, not that the host hardware is about to crash and 
> burn.

If you have applications that only run on C3, then it provides the
information necessary for maintaining future C3 installations on newer
hardware that C3 does not natively support. I would think it would be
sufficient to state that C3 will run inside a virtual container and that
you would follow X existing document to setup virtual containers and Y
existing document for installing C3. pps - C3 is no longer maintained,
migrating to C4/5/6 is recommended.