[CentOS-devel] tracking packages in a Release, through the life of the release

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Dec 3 15:07:03 UTC 2010


one thing that I'd like to do with 5.6 and 6.0 is to have centos-release 
carry repo info for the debuginfo and the vault repo's for the same 
Release. For 6.0 it would be fairly slim to start with but for 5.6 it 
could look like this :

Enabled by default:


Available, but not enabled:




Allowing people to get specific packages from anywhere in the Release's 
past. the baseurl for these will point at vault.centos.org/

Similarly would be the debuginfo .repo's. For /5/ we have a single 
debuginfo repo, for /6/ we can, and i think we should, split these up 
into repo's that match the release's. so 6.0's debugs end up in 
debuginfo.c.o/6.0/ and 6.1 goto d.c.o/6.1/ etc. Just as with the older 
release's .repo files - these would be present but disabled. Also, I'm 
trying to plumb in debuginfo signing. But it might end up being a 
different key to the main distro signing key[1], cross signed by the 
distro key and master keys. lets see how that pans out.

thoughts ?

- KB

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