[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

R P Herrold

herrold at centos.org
Sun Dec 26 19:38:29 UTC 2010

On Sun, 26 Dec 2010, Michał Piotrowski wrote:

> So I wonder what are the chances of seeing CentOS6 in 2011. 
> Or perhaps a more realistic date is 2012? (Maybe you are 
> waiting for the release of DNF?)

The choice always comes down to ship less well vetted content 
fast; or a full set of which one may be proud, less quickly

My last post here noted that Red Hat ran a four month beta 
program, AFTER their internal stabilization.  My blog post 
crossing 'planet.centos.org' made it clear that the CentOS 
team simply are not much driven to respond to 'popular demand' 
or press pressure, and more motivated to produce a durable 
product.  Before that my post here noted that it was unlikely 
that few oterh than hard core developers who enjoyed pain 
would ever be able to do a yum transition from 5 to 6, as 6 is 
rather radically different 'under the hood' as to SELinux 

When people are inclined to carp about release pace, they 
might find it more profitable to look through the open wiki 
page on the release, or the open bugtrackker bugs, and 
document a solution for an unresolved issue, if they wanted to 
get a release sooner

... just a wild idea

-- Russ herrold

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