[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

John R. Dennison

jrd at gerdesas.com
Mon Dec 27 03:31:21 UTC 2010

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 11:15:42AM +0800, Max Haann wrote:
> i believe ,they will release version 6 within months.

	69 lines of crap removed.

	Is trimming replies so very difficult for people to do
	properly?  Are you that selfish that you think that wading
	through all the extra noise should be a cost born by the readers
	of this list?  Especially for a single-line reply?

Much of what looks like rudeness in hacker circles is not intended to give
offense. Rather, it's the product of the direct, cut-through-the-bullshit
communications style that is natural to people who are more concerned about
solving problems than making others feel warm and fuzzy.

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