[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

Fabian Arrotin

fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Tue Dec 28 09:08:18 UTC 2010

Micha? Piotrowski wrote:
>> You certainly do not have to wait for CentOS. The SRPMS are available from
>> the upstream vendor.  Why not start your own rebuild project?
> Perhaps because I have better things to do in my life? :)

That's a beautiful and useful answer ... (not joking) so why not 
considering that CentOS developers (who are not paid for that and still 
do that on their free time , when they are not busy with their jobs) can 
also have sometimes priorities ?
Can't they be sick/ill ? Can't they spend time with their kids/family 
during Xmas time ?
Sorry but i've never read somewhere on the CentOS website that devteam 
members are 'slave' from centos users :-)
I personally prefer an 'happy' centos contributor/developer who will 
spend a reasonable time on CentOS on a long run than a dev spending all 
his time on centos and breaking relationship with his family (don't get 
me wrong, i've never said that it was the case here either !) and/or 
having a 'burn out' effect on a short run ...

The real question that people wanting a CentOS 6 release should ask to 
themselves is : "What have I personally done to help ?" There was a 
public call to help producing CentOS 6 .. Look at the result : only 
*one* person (out of the 'usual suspects' to use Karanbir's words) spent 
one or two hours to reviewed those branding issues bug filed on 

What do people from the CentOS devteam have to conclude ? I let you 
answer yourself ...:-)

Fabian Arrotin

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