[CentOS-devel] Why are Spacewalk packages removed from CentOS?

Thu Feb 4 21:43:20 UTC 2010
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Karan.


> Miroslav made a good point in that much of this work is only needed
> 'spacewalk master' side and that including these packages on the client
> distro would make things easier for new users to get onto the ladder. Is
> that really not the case ?
> At the moment, there are two arguments - however, the main issue at hand
> is that does including these packages have any impact on the usability
> of spacewalk as a management environment, to manage centos installed
> machines.

As stated before, inclusion of the RHEL packages does not make much
sence, as they are soon out of sync.

Adding the packages from the Spacewalk client repo could be an
alternative, but I do not see that great benefits as you can add these
as a child channel which is accessible during installation.

Best Regards