[CentOS-devel] Forum Thread -- Relating to the CentOS 5 Testing Repository

Alan Bartlett

ajb at elrepo.org
Wed Jan 13 12:36:38 UTC 2010

2010/1/12 Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>:
> On 12/01/10 18:11, Alan Bartlett wrote:
>> May I, therefore, take it that when you can find the time you will
>> interact with the end-users?
> I try :/ but the forums just take up too much time to go through and i
> end up fighting the system more than the content itself.

I appreciate that.

In my case, I read all the major CentOS m/ls *with the exception* of
the general m/l (for reasons that are irrelevant to this discussion)
and rely on others to give me a bump if there is something therein
that I really should read.

No one has the time to do everything / read everything, everywhere.
Hence that is why there are persons, such as Akemi or myself, who will
act the "middle man", if necessary.

I see that Akemi has (quite independently) expanded upon the reasoning
for why I (we) occasionally post here in the above capacity.

And finally, although my initial post was to ask if one of the
core-devs would please respond to the forum thread and mentioned the
names of those in whose general direction I was looking, I note that
you are the only one to respond. At times, KB, I sense that you try to
do far too much for one person -- so perhaps one of the other
previously mentioned names could find the time to explain the status
of the php packages, still in the testing repo (even after we, forum
helpers, have prompted many users of those packages to report their
success to this m/l) and why they have not been promoted to C-Plus (or
extra, whatever the appropriate location might be).  ;-)


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