[CentOS-devel] Forum Thread -- Relating to the CentOS 5 Testing Repository

Phil Schaffner

Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Wed Jan 13 15:42:22 UTC 2010

Karanbir Singh wrote on 01/12/2010 04:48 PM:
> On 12/01/10 18:00, Christoph Maser wrote:
>> Actually i checked and rebuild the RHWAS php packages from upstream
>> myself and it seems they can just go unmodified through the build
>> process. I did not find any copyright,branding,whatever from upstream.
>> Its just the vanilla php plus a few patches.
> Thats pretty much what I have as well. And the rhaws stuff is being
> tracked with the same tools as the main distro.

So, how and when might these packages emerge (no I'm not switching 
distros :-D ) from testing?


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