[CentOS-devel] Why are Spacewalk packages removed from CentOS?

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Jan 20 21:32:12 UTC 2010


On 01/20/2010 03:59 PM, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
> severals users of Spacewalk [1] reported that Spacewalk client tools are
> removed [2] from CentOS (they are present in RHEL).

I am not sure about that - these are not really 'spacewalk' client tools 
but are more along the lines of 'rhn tools'.

> Or is some other reason behind removal of those packages?

They are removed since they have no real use in the CentOS environment - 
and we not be a reason for people hitting rhn.r.c when they dont need to 
or even should be doing so.

I think in the spacewalk context its easier to look at it from the point 
of view that adding these packages does nothing for the spacewalk user, 
since they are not the only things needed to make spacewalk environment. 
So the user haseto already go and enable another repo somewhere, these 
tools can come from there as well.

However, if there is a real reason to add these back in I dont see why 
that could not happen. I just dont see the reason at this time.

- KB

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