[CentOS-devel] Forum Thread -- Relating to the CentOS 5 Testing Repository

Karanbir Singh

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Fri Jan 22 16:59:19 UTC 2010

On 01/22/2010 04:52 PM, Jean-Marc LIGER wrote:
> It has been built with php-devel 5.1.6 not 5.2.10.
> Do you think a rebuild isn't necessary ?

I dont really care. I dont use php, or have any interest in there. But 
if there is a specific issue, then we can look at fixing it. Things that 
I think or dont think about are harldy relevant to the scope of things 
going on here.

Also, there is no php-extras in the WAS.

Or, are you considering, and completely failing to communicate, a 
parallel php-5.2.x stack.

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