[CentOS-devel] Missing security updates

Wed Jul 21 19:28:37 UTC 2010
Charlie Brady <charlieb-centos-devel at budge.apana.org.au>

On Wed, 21 Jul 2010, R P Herrold wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Jul 2010, Charlie Brady wrote:
> >> Tru has done the builds this morning, ...
> >
> > There seems to be a systematic process issue that the CentOS project
> > should address. There shouldn't be a single point of failure. I would
> > think that more tech resources are available to you if you ask.
> The lead CentOS devels have a redesign for some more 
> 'trellising' in front of them presently.
> There is a entire workflow and QA to this which needs to be 
> done right, or we might, (for example) introduce possible 
> mirror skews and potentially unsolveable dependency holes 
> requiring manual problem solving on literally millions of 
> machines.   We dare not risk such slipping into our process

But unpatched security holes is OK? ;-)

I do respect what you are saying, but I don't see evidence that final QA 
and pushing to mirrors is what is holding up these updates.