[CentOS-devel] tracking ABI changes in C/C++ libraries

Thu Jul 22 19:30:48 UTC 2010
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

> On 07/20/2010 02:35 PM, JohnS wrote:
>> Any patches to it to use a 100% NFS Build Root?  Instead of having to
>> use a Local disk for the yum database locking?  Curious if you have a
>> way around this.

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> I dont, and dont know anyone, using chroots hosted over nfs. That would
> be slightly counter productive! I guess it depends on how many and what
> kind of packages you are building.
> Eg. a couple of the centos builders run based off tmpfs hosted roots. No
> yum issues there

NFS locking, and delay, and clock skew issues on the NFS 
servers vs. the build unit, make building in an NFS mount a 
painful experience.  Adding chroot just makes what needs to be 
a robust process more fragile

There is little percentage to nfs based build finesystems, 
unless it is one's only choice ... and with the way ram prices 
have moved in the last few years, tmpfs provides a clearly 
better choice

-- Russ herrold