[CentOS-devel] a strange (new?) feature in rhel-6

Sat Jul 31 11:37:06 UTC 2010
Jeff Johnson <n3npq at mac.com>

On Jul 31, 2010, at 7:20 AM, Brian Schueler wrote:

> Hi.
> the rpm -qpi text which is shown is just a translation that goes
> through /usr/share/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/redhat-dist.mo
> (specspo package). This is what I have traced. Scientific Linux
> for example kept "Red Hat" in it.
> So you can try
> export LANG=C
> before executing the rpm -qpi xxx.rpm command and it will not
> be translated.


> But it were nice to create such a "feature" as an RPM macro
> that will make it easier for rebuilders (so Fedora must do 
> this first).

Expanding strings with a macro is trivially arranged. In
fact its possible to do
	Requires: %%{opaqueN} >= %%{opaqueEVR}
as well as
	%post -p %%{opaqueinterpreter}
for like 4-5 years now in RPM.

Note: the double'd %% to ensure that the expansion is during install,
not during build. Not also that _NO_ rebuild is needed whatsoever,

I've also offered to end all the %{?dist} and %{?repo} vanity branding
foolishness by doing an expansion on package identifiers.

The far far harder issue is ensuring that the right values are
configured in each and every context. That's no problem that can
be solved by an RPM implementation.

73 de Jeff