[CentOS-devel] DRBD again...

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Jun 1 12:07:11 UTC 2010

>> You have to pay for those packages, so I doubt that is an option. It
>> certainly can't hurt to ask.

They provide a tarball which builds them automatically, its very well done.

If you want them to run those few commands, you can pay...

>I am not interested in elrepo or the packages there, I'd like to fix 
>this for the larger centos community and create a better homogenous user 

I think it would be hard to satisfy all options here unless you intentionally
made the packages non dependant and possibly made empty rpm's that pull in
groups of packages:

I build as follows for my env:
$ make rpm RPMOPT="--with rgmanager --without heartbeat --without pacemaker --without xen"
$ make km-rpm

As you can see, I use RHCS, not one of the others, I also don't use xen etc...

Just looks like a crap pile of additional work that must then be maintained
at every kernel update. I don't want to pull in a xen kernel etc on my HP
physical clusters, there's no reason, especially for the sake of a generic
"build everything" command applied to the rpm generation.


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