[CentOS-devel] LiveCD suggestion

Douglas McClendon dmc.centos at filteredperception.org
Sat Jun 5 02:47:30 UTC 2010

On 06/04/2010 05:35 AM, Phil Schaffner wrote:
> For the next iteration of the LiveCD I would suggest omitting the

One more related installer suggestion, is zyx-liveinstaller.  This is 
just me shilling my own project that has yet to gain serious traction, 
but I still find rebootless livecd installation very cool, and it is 
just 100kb or so.

Executive Summary: Like traditional fedora livecd installer, except 
instead of copying just the readonly livecd filesystem image to the 
target and then rebooting, it uses devicemapper mirror tricks to copy 
that image, as well as the live ram overlay into a new normal filesystem 
on disk, which is then already running for real, sans the need to 
reboot.  Only 'real' difference is that until the next reboot, your 
rootfs is accessed via a dm-linear layer.

It's definitely far from enterprise-level polished, but it survived v2 
of sugar-on-a-stick, without any serious issues (though I fear without 
any significant usage either).  And it has extreme user warnings about 
beta quality.

Anyway, just a reminder that it exists, and may well prove useful and/or 
nifty for some number of centos livecd users.

The latest f13 build (v0.2.4) should work fine on the later versions of 
centos-5.X, or let me know if it doesn't.

To test out with an existing livecd, you can just download the rpm from 
f13_updates_ or my site, install it, and run zyx-liveinstaller from the 
commandline or system tools menu.  There is zyx-liveinstaller-cli as well.

Also, if the following files exist, they will be used to 'theme' a bit-




> netinstall option.  This has caused a rather large support load on the
> fora (or forums if you prefer) from people who can't get it to work.
> As netinstall is really most useful with a "perfect" network connection
> or local archive, and can be tricky to get right, it is just confusing a
> lot of the LiveCD "market segment".  More sophisticated users will just
> grab the netinstall CD or use images/boot.iso.  Removing it would also
> leave more room for useful apps.
> Phil
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