[CentOS-devel] LiveCD suggestion

R P Herrold herrold at centos.org
Sun Jun 6 18:06:57 UTC 2010

On Sun, 6 Jun 2010, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:

> True. But it's already quite difficult for me to explain why 
> all other major Live CDs have NTFS and mp3 support out of 
> the box; the additional lack of install support proved more 
> than once the drop which made colleagues of mine to choose 
> Ubuntu as distro for home usage, despite being familiar with 
> Centos from work. Yes, I know, the first reaction is "their 
> loss". But it's a pity we lose users and .. well, they 
> still come to me for support :)

I still don't see any of this this as valid reasons.

1.  NTFA and mp3 - patents are and remain clear blockers to 
the upstream, and CentOS at its supported core, is a slavish 
rebuild of its upstreams publicly available sources ...

2. You hold the ability to say: Sorry, as it is not CentOS, I 
cannot freely support it, any more than I would freely support 
any other closed source product.  Would you like an estimate 
for my anticipated support time costs?

A person cannot do everything; indeed a person cannot even do 
several things * first* and well.  I suspect all here have 
real world lives with friends, and with luck families (parents 
and back, spouses, and children and down in age).  Also the 
life span each of us has is not unlimited; the days are still 
limited to 24 hours here

It may even be that one has to * pay* for food, shelter, 
vacations, and more (GASP).  Here that costs real funds

Time spent working for free on a poor fit tool to make it fit 
use case it is not designed for, carries a cost; geek-like 
people rarely consider IF a thing should be done, and leap 
straight to proving their geek-hood by showing they CAN do the 
impossible.  At least in your case, Wolfy, I know you are a 
'knight geek of the round table'.  You no longer need to work 
on side tools for free to prove your mettle ;)

It is all right to say:
 	'no thank you' to your offer to let me work for you for free
when that question comes

-- Russ herrold

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