[CentOS-devel] Forum Post: "Lance Davis Question..."

R P Herrold herrold at centos.org
Sun Jun 20 03:24:43 UTC 2010

initial matter ... I see added as a GECOS name, in the 'From' 
 	"The CentOS developers mailing list." ...

The project rather describe this thus:
 	"The CentOS developers list is generally used during
 	active development of new CentOS releases. Some beta and/or
 	RC communication typically takes place on this channel as
off the home page link.  It is not really well suited to be an 
'intercom' to discuss administrative matters of the project

I have scraped out of (likewise unofficial, as there is no 
passwd file GECOS 'name' for a Mailman exploder identity)  my 
local compose description of this email address from my MUA 
address book.  It is of a more limited scope in description

On Sat, 19 Jun 2010, Alan Bartlett wrote:

> There has been a recent forum post ...
> I feel that it would be best answered by one of the Core Development
> Team

Perhaps, and if we decide we can answer at all, and that we 
should as a project

I have nothing to say in a personal capacity, as I do not know 
Lance's present appearance by sight, do not know his personal 
circumstance, and would not inquire or pry into the matters 
asked as a matter or respect for his private life.  I consider 
the question misdirected both as to where it is asked, and 
also as to a 'curiousity' that I find to be, to some degree, 
socially inappropriate

I regularly ignore some forms of inappropriate behaviour so as 
not to 'dignify it with a response' on the main mailing list 
and in hopes and under the principle that by not feeding a 
cockroach, they will leave for more hospitable venue; lacking 
'ops' on a mailing list effective to caution, kick, ban and 
block offenders, other approaches are necessary

I'll note the forum inquiry to be added it to our agenda for 
our next meeting of the core group [I am not in a location 
where I can immediately add it as I am not in a GUI 
environment which is needed to comfortably update that 
tracker], if not 'beat to the punch' by another who has 
similar rights

As it has been publicly handed to the core group, I would ask 
that others reading this who might normally prowl the forums 
and consider themself a recognised 'opinion leader' of the 
project, but who are not a signer of that sad letter, not feel 
compelled to say anything further on that item in the forum 
pending us reaching that decision

-- Russ herrold

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