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Khusro Jaleel mailing-lists at kerneljack.com
Tue Jun 22 15:17:23 UTC 2010

Hi Karan,

I have used 'packages.debian.org' a lot and find it quite helpful. Implementing something similar to this in CentOS would be nice.

It lets me choose which 'distro' I want to search by name. After I find the package, it shows the full depends, changelog, etc.

For example, for php5 in 'stable' I get a list of packages, and if I choose 'php5' I get the following page:

This shows a ton of information about this, including bug reports against this package on the right hand side among other things. It also lets me download the package straight from here, without having to go searching through a repo.  Similar packages, maintainers, external resources are also listed here.

In addition, the page is available in multiple languages.

Quite often someone will ask me whether a certain package is available in Debian stable or not and if it's not I can easily search 'testing' or 'unstable' here and I quickly know that the package is available, but has not made it to testing/stable yet for whatever reason. Then a decision can be made as to whether we should try and get it from testing or just compile it ourselves, or just wait for it to appear in stable, etc.

Just some of my thoughts on the matter. Thanks for implementing this.


On 22 Jun 2010, at 14:20, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Hi,
> Didi and I met up yesterday afternoon and had a chat about creating a
> web interface to the centos repositories. Something along the lines of
> repoview, but a thicker, richer experience. So what features would
> everyone like to see from something like this ? We have a few ideas
> already, but it would be nice to get feedback on what people expect  (
> so we know how far off the mark we were :) )
> We hope to resurrect the 'pandora' project as a side effect from this.
> - KB
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