[CentOS-devel] Web based Package DB

R P Herrold herrold at centos.org
Tue Jun 22 16:14:34 UTC 2010

On Tue, 22 Jun 2010, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Didi and I met up yesterday afternoon and had a chat about creating a
> web interface to the centos repositories. Something along the lines of
> repoview, but a thicker, richer experience. So what features would
> everyone like to see from something like this ? We have a few ideas
> already, but it would be nice to get feedback on what people expect  (
> so we know how far off the mark we were :) )

I do not know that it is going to mees the complaints seen in 
the IRC channel, but a simple 'reverse criss-cross' on exploded 
package manifests can begin to populate a query database such 
as at:

Performance may matter, so gatewaying into a rpmlib quiery 
against a rpmdb [yum can do a variant of this with detail 
from a createrepo as well] may or may not work

The 'current' 'base and updates' archives are the obvious 
first candidates to test a design against; no doubt some one 
somewhere will want all of 'vault' as well, and I would not be 
inclined to do that

The top page at
is refreshed one a day in a scripted generation process using 
selected --queryformat arguments against a simple tree of rpm 
packages; I auto-build that cache as one off lookups are too 

-- Russ herrold

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