[CentOS-devel] Fasttrack for C-5

Mon Mar 8 18:22:25 UTC 2010
Alan Bartlett <ajb at elrepo.org>

On 8 February 2010 18:14, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> On 28/01/10 14:33, Ned Slider wrote:
>>> Does the filesystem package no longer require CentOS branding changes to
>>> be rolled in?
>>> $ rpm -q filesystem
>>> filesystem-2.4.0-2.el5.centos.x86_64
> Will look at that.
>> Looks like pirut still needs it's Requires for rhn components removed too.
>> error: Failed dependencies:
>>          rhn-setup-gnome is needed by pirut-1.3.28-17.el5.noarch
> And this as well.
> thanks for acting as issue catcher, its good to know that stuff I farkup
> is going to be caught along the line :)
> btw, the major point of getting these packages into a repo was to work
> on the code that allows us to produce a package-db api. After a lot of
> feature creep and de-creep there is something that should mostly work.
> I'll post more details on that in the next few days.
> Also, by this weekend there should be yum-security working capability in
> this ft-testing repo. I'll post an email here when thats in place.

Silently and stealthily, he who also uses the alias of burakkucat [1],
approaches this thread and gives it a gentle bump to request an update
of the status of this issue.


[1] http://www.centos.toracat.org/ajb/burakkucat.jpg