[CentOS-devel] PHP 5.2.10 success

Fri Mar 5 21:21:21 UTC 2010
John Thomas <gmane-2006-04-16 at jt-socal.com>

On 03/05/2010 01:08 PM, Johann wrote:
> I have installed PHP 5.2.10 from the testing repo on 2 servers. One is a
> backup webserver that runs 4 Drupal sites. No issues with any of them so
> far, and I plan on upgrading the production server this coming weekend.
> The other is our mail server. It was the catalyst to try the upgrade, as
> our CEO insisted on getting Roundcube installed and it will not install
> with any version <5.2.

The 5.2 series has released 5.2.13 and the following security issues 
were fixed in 5.2.13.
        *  Fixed safe_mode validation inside tempnam() when the 
directory path does not end with a /). (Martin Jansen)
     * Fixed a possible open_basedir/safe_mode bypass in session 
extension identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. (Ilia)
     * Improved LCG entropy. (Rasmus, Samy Kamkar)

There are a two or three repo's with 5.2.  I wonder if CentOS overhead 
should be conserved or allocated elsewhere (not an advocate, just a 

John Thomas