[CentOS-devel] Forum overhaul

Monte Milanuk

memilanuk at gmail.com
Wed May 26 20:40:52 UTC 2010


Thanks for the input; it's much appreciated.  Some of the dates on the 
stuff in the wiki were from September - I wasn't sure if things hadn't 
been updated or had stalled out.

Unfortunately not much in the way of useful programmer skills here - 
starting out, self-teaching from books and tutorials, but nowhere near 
where anyone would want me near working code ;)

I realize its somewhat of a division of already thin resources... but is 
there any possibility of someone fixing at least the search function in 
the existing forum?  I realize people want Website v. 2.0 to be done 
right, and not roll it out before its ready... perhaps this might be an 
interim fix?  Given I'd never heard of newBB until running into it @ 
centos.org, I have no idea how difficult that may be - it looks like its 
possibly a problem with pagination of the results in the php scripting?

As an example, this is the url represented by the 'Next >>' link after 
searching on a general, broad term like 'virtualization' in all forums, 
since the beginning:


If I had to take a guess, I'd say it's supposed to return the next batch 
of results, starting at #50?  What it actually does is simply return the 
same initial page of results each time its clicked - and I'll take a 
wild guess and say that the potential results on a topic like that 
probably go back more than one page.  That doesn't seem like it should 
be the desired/intended effect; whether the problem is in newBB or 
somewhere else...? I couldn't say.

The moderators of the forum indicate that this is something they don't 
have control over or access to look at and fix; no one else on the forum 
(administrators?) seem to show any interest to date.


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