[CentOS-devel] helping with CentOS-6 - step-1

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Nov 12 00:03:53 UTC 2010


So while we wait for the first set of packages to build the biggest 
effort required is to find, confirm and patch those packages that have 
upstream branding in them. And packages that need to be changed to work 
within the centos ecosystem.

The aim is to find any mention of the upstream brands / trademarks and 
content that might cause confusion as to what product the user is 
running ( eg: %descriptions in spec files ). And when we find something 
of this nature, file a report against the right centos-6/component on 

I've imported all the components of CentOS-6 into the bugs.c.o 
interface, if there is anything missing please shout out. We might need 
to add some down the road ( eg: centos-release-notes ), and remove some 
( eg: RedHat-Release-Notes-* ), but most of the components should be 
there now.

There is, an extremely brief, overview of the whole process at : 

Also, please leave issues assigned to the default 'Issue Tracker' role 
account. The QA team members will assign the issues to themselves when 
they do the reviews.

Keep in mind that if you need an installed system to do these tests ( 
like one would for the gnome/kde components ), you can use the 
rhel6-beta2-refresh media. The package manifests have not changed much 
from there to what's in release. so even if you were to go through the 
beta2-refresh packages, that would help.

Thanks in advance to everyone who pitches in.

- KB

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