[CentOS-devel] helping with CentOS-6 - step-1

Fri Nov 12 12:28:25 UTC 2010
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 11/12/2010 12:25 PM, JohnS wrote:
>> buildroots will have no impact on upstream branding. not sure how you
>> worked out that it would ?
> ----
> Then you should take it off the page.  It is misleading.

The page is about the entire process that the QA team is going to work 
with, the help I requested was for one part of the task. If you look 
back at my initial email to this list, it clearly states that the page 
is about the overall process.

At this moment in time, we need to focus on the branding issues. Till 
that happens and is complete, everything else is wasted time.

- KB