[CentOS-devel] build errors with some RHEL6 packages

Fri Nov 19 20:30:55 UTC 2010
Douglas McClendon <dmc.centos at filteredperception.org>

On 11/19/2010 05:16 AM, Timo Schoeler wrote:
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> thus Hugo van der Kooij spake:
>>   On Thu, 18 Nov 2010 14:57:58 -0500 (EST), Charlie Brady
>>   <charlieb-centos-devel at budge.apana.org.au>  wrote:
>>> On Wed, 17 Nov 2010, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>>> couple of weeks after 6 is released.
>>> So, in about a week, eh?
>>   Dream on. I just requested a 30 day eval. And all I can get is a Beta
>>   of RHEL6. So it seems RHEL 6 is not realy realy there yet. It almost
>>   sounds like another OS vendor ;-)
> I got mine without any problems. It's not beta.

I submitted my request last saturday, getting the automated confirmation 
email telling me I'd get my 2 port activation soon.  Nothing yet.  I 
think YMMV, perhaps depending on how they profile you.  I would guess 
there is a minimal human intervention in this process, and things are 
triaged by your profiled importance as a customer.

I know it probably won't happen, but I would love to see early access to 
round1 packages or the like.  I know all the reasons it won't happen, 
but it would be nice.  beta2 I'm guessing would start causing me 
problems around the time I decided I really wanted to use something from 


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>>   Hugo.
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