[CentOS-devel] glibc x86_64 vs. i686 file conflict when building from sources

Fri Nov 26 13:11:09 UTC 2010
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Fri, 26 Nov 2010, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> On 11/26/2010 07:38 AM, Dag Wieers wrote:
>>>> Which basicly means the thread was fine, until you got fed up with where
>>>> it was going. Not sure why me mentioning the mock builds triggered you.
>> I actually did, in fact I have read all the emails and usually refrain
>> from replying when I have an opinion (given my past).
> I suggest you read it again, because your 'which basicly means' is
> incorrect.

As you stated yourself, you are being pedantic. And I think you are 
deliberately making this thread more worse than it should be.

>>> Or you should stop feeling so insecure and thinking everyone is out to
>>> get you. I've almost always made requests to maintain sanity, not only
>>> on this list but plenty of other places as well.
>> I guess that's matter of opinion. The availability of recent mock packages
>> for CentOS fits the centos-devel bill, just as the availability of
>> kmod-packages for CentOS belongs on the general centos mailinglist.
> Thats just bollocks. If every project was to announce every package in
> the main list, were looking at thousands of announcements there. You
> were repremanded after repeated spamming, not when you announced the
> efforts. And I am confident that we have been consistent with that
> policy over the years. Quite a few people have announced efforts and
> points of interest, its only when they digress into spamming have people
> objected.

Explain to me how sending two mails to find users to test, is "repeated 
spamming" ? And while you know better, you can't resist the urge to 

I do think the problem is the content, as much as you don't like me 
mentioning we have alternative kmod-drbd packages (that actualy get 
updated frequently), you don't like others to discuss transparancy wrt. 
the build process or alternatives.

Well, this is the Internet, get used to it.

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