[CentOS-devel] Reality V/s Fantasy

Fri Nov 26 18:28:03 UTC 2010
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


On 11/26/2010 06:21 PM, Stefan Held wrote:
> Karanbir, as this is a fairly new Process, not documented anywhere, how
> would you expect the masses to help you out?

If there are questions, ask them. If there is something not clear, ask 
about them. Dont wait for everyone else to just give up before coming up 
with the questions.

> So this webapp is now bugs.centos.org? Fine, then please state it there.
> Else maybe some of us where waiting for that webapp to come to glory.

That was mentioned in the original email of the 12th, everyone was 
pointed at that email.

> Maybe the people are willing to help but do not know how?

whatever is not clear, bring it up and will be addressed.

> How they get the RHEL Beta, where to look in the rpms?

first hit on google for 'rhel 6 beta' - click the BIG red button that 
says DOWNLOAD. If you dont know even this level of stuff, I honestly 
feel you need to spend a bit more time with the platform and get to know 
about it before you can be productive in this process.

> What must be reported?

Read the content mentioned, it clearly states what to look for - and 
what to do with it. w.r.t the interface, yes - use bugs.c.o; there are 
even a bunch of issues reported there now.

- KB