[CentOS-devel] handling ABRT

Fri Nov 26 19:41:52 UTC 2010
Stefan Held <obi at unixkiste.org>

Am Freitag, den 26.11.2010, 20:31 +0100 schrieb David Hrbáč:

> - BZ includes xml-rpc interface, mantis does not.
> - you'd need mantisconnect, it's soap interface to mantis, it means abrt
> rewrite

This would mean heavy development on two sides (mantis + abrt) and would
be a showstoper for Centos 6. If we go down this road it would be the
best to leave abrt out now, or patch it to simply make a file with the

> - or we need own xml-rpc server, better with the same function set as BZ
> as not to rewrite abrt
> DH

There is another option, switch to bugzilla :)

I have no clue why Mantis is preferred by the team, 
maybe someone could share the light.


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