[CentOS-devel] handling ABRT

Mon Nov 29 10:10:03 UTC 2010
Christoph Maser <cmaser at gmx.de>

Am Freitag, den 26.11.2010, 22:20 +0100 schrieb Ralph Angenendt:
> Am 26.11.10 22:06, schrieb Matt Rose:
> > Speaking as the only System Engineer/Build Engineer/SCM
> > maintainer/Bugzilla maintainer at my work, I can say that bugzilla is
> > definitely not a full-time job.  If you give me access to a c.o machine I
> > could probably set one up in an afternoon.
> Hmmm. Need to think about that. Can you write up what would be needed to
> do that? Database? I'm afraid that that will be another sink for user
> accounts, and we already have quite a few of those. Do you think there
> would be any chance to reuse the b.c.o accounts from mantis?
> I could tell you how those look in the database.

Wasn't there some efforts for LDAP user accounts for website version 2
and a new forum? Bugzilla integrates very well and flexible with LDAP.