[CentOS-devel] Forums migration to phpbb

Fri Oct 1 13:20:30 UTC 2010
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Hi Phil.

>>> - Is PhpBB a good way to go?
>> Don't you think 2 years of evaluation is enough?
>> http://wiki.centos.org/WebsiteVer2/forums
>> The fr. subsite users are quite happy with pbpBB afaik.
> It is good to see this discussion starting again.  Frustration with the
> current forum is certainly evident among both moderators and users.  An
> update to that page with the thoughts, experiences, and results from
> evaluators and potential implementers certainly seems in order.  The
> page status is
> WebsiteVer2/forums (last edited 2009-03-30 08:31:47 by AlainRegueraDelgado)
> phpBB Status is still "Not Started".

Hey, this is something I could updated :)