[CentOS-devel] EL6 and larger than DVD install media

Wed Oct 20 19:21:29 UTC 2010
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| On 10/20/2010 06:03 PM, James A. Peltier wrote:
| > | 1) we change what is the expected tree / behaviour in
| > | CentOS-2.1/3/4/5
| > | in that there is one rolled in product; and people would have come
| > | to
| > | expect that.
| >
| > Is this such a big deal? We're moving to CentOS 6. That's a major
| > change and would but a viable reason to change the tree layout.
| I still think its a big deal, or can potentially become a big deal.
| Since this changes quite a lot of context in whats already available (
| docs etc ) and what people would expect ( we have always said that we
| dont have any 'support driven / cost driven' build selections ).
| > | 2) Storage and duplicated rpms across isos's : its not that big a
| > | deal
| > | in that we can most likely work around the need to have a lot more
| > | storage on each mirror / msync machine; but it is a concern.
| >
| > multiple iso files does not equal duplicated RPMs that I can see.
| > The tree would still be unified; no?!?
| Not really. Workstation build would have quite a lot of common ground
| with Server ( as an example: kernel / glibc / bash ). Also, the tree
| needs to ( or should ) match the primary install media or one loses
| out
| on a lot of potential tooling. eg Spacewalk / cobbler would then need
| to
| be aware of how the different tree's dont match up and howto handle
| those.
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Sorry for my ignorance but I still don't see how this would not be possible with a unified tree.  Let's look at the packages alone.  Are they in fact different from each other in such a way that it could not be unified.  No, I don't think so.  If I am using the "advanced" kernel there would likely be a kernel labeled as such linux-XX.YY.ZZ-VER-advanced.  So if I used the advanced installation media and ran yum upgrade pointing at the same updates tree would not be an issue.  The fact that I chose a particular installation media based on needs is irrelevant. If the version that is installed for advanced is the same as server or workstation there is no duplication or point of contention, I just have additional DVD ISO media.

Keep in mind this is an assumption possibly based on ignorance, but that is how the current tree works.  I also employ disk deduplication so it's not so much of an issue for me.

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