[CentOS-devel] I want to help

Simon Matter

simon.matter at invoca.ch
Fri Apr 1 06:35:16 UTC 2011

> On Thu, 31 Mar 2011, Scott Dowdle wrote:
>>> I don't know that if you have Red Hat support you can still access
>>> these releases, but they were quite useful to CentOS users as well.
>> I don't know if it was what you were referring to or not... but yes,
>> supposedly with a RHN account, you have access to the individual patches
>> for the RHEL6 kernel... although I don't think they have a traditional
>> package as before.
> Scott,
> I am not interested in the individual patches, just the binary kernel RPM
> packages Red Hat used to make available in between releases. Call it their
> test or beta kernel releases working up to the next RHEL release. Often
> one or two releases every week.
> The RHEL5 link should make it clear what I mean.
> It gives a nice view on what to expect kernel-wise for the next release,
> but also provided a way to test and report any problems quickly.

That's true, I was using those kernels as a base for my own kernels with
some stuff added. I also reported some issues and solutions for those
kernels and they have been integrated and can be found in RHEL5.6/5.7. So,
that's really missing for EL6 and even with a RHN account I don't know how
I should be able to have access to kernels for EL6.


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