[CentOS-devel] what / how could test reports be published

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Apr 6 10:06:58 UTC 2011


at the moment all test are run by hand, and people look at the output on 
the cli. Lets change that. Fabian and I did some work during Fosdem this 
year to get an automation script in place.

This script does :
1) setup some disk space
2) run virt-install with a specific kickstart
3) waits for machine to come back post install boot
4) gets the test scripts onto the machine
5) run each one and track progress.
6) tear down the machine instance.

Now the question is : apart from test output, what else would be 
relevant to track? Here is my list:

- install time logs
- syscleanup[1] output from before tests are run and after
- 'rpm -qa' output

What else would be relevant here ?

Second part of the issue : What format would everyone like to see these 
things in ?

a) a simple webapp in sinatra.rb or bottle.py ?

b) as long as all output is in text, we could shovel test runs into a 
git repo ( keep in mind that we can end up generating gigs of data per 
day ).

c) something else ?

- KB

https://gitorious.org/syscleanup/syscleanup/blobs/master/syscleanup.sh ( 
I'll pull this into the git repo for QA Testing, so stuff is all in the 
same place ).

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