[CentOS-devel] what / how could test reports be published

Marian Marinov

mm at yuhu.biz
Sat Apr 9 07:24:14 UTC 2011

On Thursday 07 April 2011 16:07:33 Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi David,
> On 04/07/2011 02:02 PM, David Hrbáč wrote:
> > I will add this. Karanbir, you can't expect to find a lot of people to
> > contribute testing scripts.  Firstly, this is something that not many
> > companies/people are doing, they are just deploying. And secondly, you
> > can't expect positive feedback and mailbox full of scripts after many
> > weeks of "if you don't like it, go aways".
> ok, I take your point onboard. However, at this stage its not a case of
> test-scripts, this is mostly orthogonal.
> > Thomas is very right, if you want the results, you must take it
> > seriously and keep it as project. It really seem to me like "go and
> > search for RH trademarks" issue again.
> That is mostly what I am trying to do here. But based on these comments,
> I feel it would be easier to buyinto once there is something people can
> see. Let me go do that and come back.
> In the mean time : the tests scripts are very welcome, keep them coming.
> - KB

I want to propose something here. While I'm setting up my servers with 
kickstarts, after the kickstart finishes I have a very simple collection of 
scripts that tests if everything is fine.

So armed with that experience I propse that we build a system that:

1. Has a big collection of kickstart files
2. Can provide different kickstart file per every request
3. Will know which ks is send to which client
4. Receive status reports from each server

On the servers, after install, in the post part of the ks we can have a simple 
download of a test "framework" that will handle the testing.

For example one directory with scripts:
And then you only need to run the tests:
  for i in $(find tests -type f -perm 700|sort); do
    if ( $i ); then
      chmod 600 $i

This works quite well for me, and it is very easy to add more tests. We can 
have different collections of scripts for different ks installs.

I would love to help with something like this.

Best regards,
Marian Marinov
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