[CentOS-devel] problems in centos-5.6

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Apr 13 10:08:29 UTC 2011

Hi Farkas,

Thanks for the report. But I'd like to request you to not CC both the 
lists, its a waste of time. And this sort of stuff is much better off in 
the bugs.c.o instance.

On 04/12/2011 11:36 PM, Farkas Levente wrote:
> os/i386 these shouldn't have to be there (they are from older release):
Easy to handle, I'll get that sorted. Ofcourse this wont change on the 
install media, just the mirrors.

> updates/i386 these shouldn't have to be there (they are already in os):
I know how this got missed :/ Will write a test to make sure that no 
package is released if its already in the tree. Should be fairly trivial.

> os/x86_64 these shouldn't have to be there (they are already in os):
same as above.

> anaconda different in i386 and x86_64 either both should have to be
> anaconda- or both should have to be
> anaconda-

This is a good point. We had quite a lot of issues getting anaconda to 
build and the final builds were actually done by hand. Both the 
src.rpm's are in the srpms repo. I do try and keep the two in sync most 

> in centos version of these packages the dist tag comes from earlier
> release. even if they are the same package they should have to rebuild
> with the same dist tag as in rhel (eg: .el5<->  .el5_4):

Ned highlighted these issues at the QA stages, but we all felt that 
since the packages were already released into an older public repo, we 
would leave them as is and the next update for these packages should 
move the tag to the right place. or wherever it needs to be.

> and a lots of updates still missing:

I havent dont any matches against your list here, but  do know that 
there are a lot of updates in the queue behind the src.rpms. There are 5 
updates not pushed through as yet:


Depending on how far we get with the srpms today, we can push these out 
as well. They are all built ( including the plus kernel, which still 
needs to be tested ), just awaiting b/w for release.


- KB

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