[CentOS-devel] WebSite V2 - progress

Brian Mathis

brian.mathis+centos at betteradmin.com
Sat Apr 16 15:44:28 UTC 2011

On Sat, Apr 16, 2011 at 8:16 AM, Sebastiano Pilla
<sebastiano at datafaber.net> wrote:
> Marian Marinov wrote:
>> Here are all of the proposals:
>>    http://hydra.azilian.net/centos/
>> 1. http://hydra.azilian.net/centos/centos_frontpage_design_option_1.png
>> 2. http://hydra.azilian.net/centos/wireframe1.png
>> 3. http://hydra.azilian.net/centos/wireframe2.png
> Thanks for the URLs, I would personally choose option 1 since it looks
> the most organized and structured to me.
> I would however suggest to dedicate the 450x270 box to explain in a few
> words what CentOS is, with a link to the About page. See for example the
> Debian home page at http://www.debian.org or the Ubuntu home page at
> http://www.ubuntu.com , they present very well what Debian or Ubuntu are
> in a very prominent place.
> Best Regards
> Sebastiano Pilla

Yes, this is by far the most important thing that must always be on
the front page of any project's web site.  1 or 2 sentences that says
"CentOS is ..." [a Linux distribution that aims to be binary
compatible with Redhat] ... or something like that.  There's nothing
more annoying than spending 5 minutes clicking around a project site
trying to figure out what the project actually does.

// Brian Mathis

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