[CentOS-devel] C5.6 missing package updates / package naming issues

Bernd Bartmann

bernd.bartmann at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 09:16:51 UTC 2011


most of the updates are now available, but the following are still missing:

- libuser
C5.6 as of today has libuser-0.54.7-2.1.el5_4.1
Upstream announced libuser-0.54.7-2.1.el5_5.2

- openoffice.org
 C5.6 as of today has openoffice.org-*-3.1.1-19.5.el5_5.1
 Upstream announced openoffice.org-base-3.1.1-19.5.el5_5.6

- libvirt
 C5.6 as of today has libvirt-0.8.2-15.el5.3
 Upstream announced libvirt-0.8.2-15.el5_6.3

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