[CentOS-devel] Test scripts - some starter questions.

Steve Barnes

steve at echo.id.au
Sat Apr 30 22:41:04 UTC 2011

Hi list

A few questions regarding the scope of test scripts that have been requested:

- is there a git repository or similar source that contains all of the currently available test scripts? It would be helpful to know that, given my copious spare time, I'm not re-inventing any
wheels or contributing the 57th LAMP install script.

- relating to package installation test scripts, would there be any appreciable benefit to simply throwing everything + kitchen sink at the wall and see what _doesn't_ stick? (i.e., yum install
every single available package one after the other and record any failures?) This seems like a more...comprehensive method of uncovering package installation issues than me simply picking "my top 10
favourite/most well known" yum packages.

- is the scope for test scripts "anything you can think of that performs some kind of configuration change with a measurable return value" - e.g, tests that cover (for example) networking
configuration, partition/filesystem creation, package installation, firewall configuration, user/group account creation/deletion/editing, SSH key generation etc etc etc?

- at present, each test script needs to be self-contained. To reduce the amount of code duplication/maintenance is there any intention (or objection) to developing a library of helper functions?

Thank you!


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