[CentOS-devel] Boot.Kernel.Org and CentOS

Thu Aug 4 17:17:36 UTC 2011
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| On 08/03/2011 11:30 PM, Itamar Reis Peixoto wrote:
| > I have contacted warthog9 and him added centos 6.x into
| > boot.kernel.org
| >
| great! was it literally just a case of listing the distro there ? I
| seem
| to remember that the installer, and the initrd needed to be patched at
| one stage, is that no longer the case ?
| Also, I'm still keen to head what James Peltier has to recommend abou
| the ipxe stuff he has been looking into.
| Feel free to go for the livecd's at b.k.o as well :) and if there is
| anything we need to plumb into the distro-build process at our end,
| let
| me know and we can look into that too.
| - KB

Nope, patching is still required ATM.  I've tried the sanboot option even with iPXE and it tanks miserably.  This is because once the OS has booted it can't see anything holding the iso image any more.  This would likely be the case for b.k.o as well since iPXE is based off of gPXE which b.k.o is working from.  I think I have a work-around but not fully tested yet.

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