[CentOS-devel] HyperV Linux Integration Services added to Centos Plus?

Tue Aug 23 00:50:13 UTC 2011
James Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

If you have your own RPMS why not just create your own repo (createrepo) and include that repo as part of your kickstart?

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Subject:[CentOS-devel] HyperV Linux Integration Services added to Centos	Plus?

Hi Everyone,

I would like to enquire about having the RPMs for the Linux Integration Services (LIS) for running linux as a guest on HyperV added to the Centos Plus Repository as well as a means for installing Centos enlightned/partially-paravirtualized upon HyperV.

If possible could someone contact me, about what is needed to achieve this, and what I can do to help make it happen.

I can be reached via this email address (peter<at>pouliot<dot>net) or on freenode via the nick primeministerp.

Thanks for any assistance/information the centos development community can provide in helping me to make this possible.


Peter Pouliot
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