[CentOS-devel] non-gzipped comps.xml is missing from CentOS 6.2's repository

Wed Dec 21 05:47:10 UTC 2011
David Robinson <zxvdr.au at gmail.com>

Hi all,

The repository metadata file for CentOS 6.2 (repomd.xml) contains a
sha256 hash for the non-gzipped comps.xml file
(<hash>-c6-x86_64-comps.xml), but the file is missing from the
repository. According to repomd.xml, this file should exist:


The corresponding file exists in the CentOS 6.1's repo (there's 8
files in the repodata directory for 6.1, but only 7 for 6.2). A simple
"zcat badeded316fc87571779d92c5cde816fdc357646b84cb191c4611e05c981ffa1-c6-x86_64-comps.xml.gz
> 3a27232698a261aa4022fd270797a3006aa8b8a346cbd6a31fae1466c724d098-c6-x86_64-comps.xml"
on the master mirror would fix the problem, but someone may want to
look into the root cause... I'd look myself but have no idea how the
build system works and doubt the logs would be publicly available
(happy to be educated/pointed in the right direction thou).