[CentOS-devel] Ruby and Rails packaging effort

Thu Dec 8 20:22:32 UTC 2011
Håvard Sørli <havard at anix.no>

On 07. des. 2011 04:33, Jarod Watkins wrote:
> I would suggest for you to package the Rails app with RPM and include
> the Ruby Gems in the vendor directory (see bundler and packing gems).
> That way you only depend on Ruby as a true dependency and can have up
> to date gems. Some of the Ruby Gems in EPEL are way out of date and
> you will run into issues with dependencies.

The best you could do for the community is to update the old Ruby Gems 
in EPEL. Then a lot more people get a better Ruby experience. Your 
customer would also get more general and better tested software.