[CentOS-devel] custom iso spin

Fri Dec 30 04:45:25 UTC 2011
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 12/29/2011 04:22 PM, 夜神 岩男 wrote:
> This is part of what we're doing in my situation. There are a lot of 
> custom ERP/office automation, CAD, etc things that no distros include 
> just yet, *and* the customer uses the systems for showroom stuff so 
> rebranding (at least surface stuff that's readily visible) is an issue 
> as well. There is also the matter of our Fluendo codecs and media things 
> that can't go into a community distro because they have to get paid for 
> somewhere along the way, and the applications that are being ported to 
> PostgreSQL 9.1 from evil-empire type software...

... remember that you dont need to rebuild the installer to change the
manifests ... or to add custom repos on media ... you only need to
rebuild the
installer if you actually change the code inside the installer ( even
then, an updates.img is sufficient )

my talk on application hosting on CentOS from Fosdem 2008 went into some
details about this, there should be a copy of the talk online.

> I'm curious what the CentOS build infrastructure looks like. Fedora's is 
> quite robust/complex but works pretty well considering the things they 
> put it through from time to time.

happy to answer specific questions... our build services are fairly
robust as well ( remember over 100k builds were done leading to 6.0 );
the plague setup in place for c4/c5 has been fairly resilient as well.

- KB