[CentOS-devel] custom iso spin

Sat Dec 31 01:28:21 UTC 2011
An Yang <an.euroford at gmail.com>

On 2011-12-30 Fri 20:47 +0000,Karanbir Singh wrote: 

> On 12/30/2011 04:25 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> > We have a custom build system.  It uses a beanstalkd workqueue to submit
> > packages to mock and can scale up or down as required and submit
> Just to add a few more bits : the queue system is meant to extend in
> both directions ( import and tracking of sources on one end - and
> testing + release management at the other end ). At the moment there is
> a bunch of band-aid and Johnny and me typing up stuff to bridge those
> bits, but I hope to have the entire setup in place end to end by end of
> March 2012. Apart from the cli, some of the other interesting interfaces
> that are semi functional at this point include an irc-bot, a rest api
> and a publicly available http callback server that allows arbitrary
> subscription.
> There is, by design, no web interface. The plan is to focus on the
> mechanics and make the entire system work, with enough hooks that allows
> anyone / everyone to do the client side work. Eg. being able to write a
> yum plugin that would harvest update metadata from the buildsystem and
> be able to report on 'upcoming updates' ( a PoC for this is functional
> now.. )
> The entire system is called 'reimzul'

Great works. 

> As soon as I have got the basic functional stuff in place, and some docs
> around it I'll have it up in a git repo where people can clone and join
> the fun. 

How can I take part in? I'm glad to contribute more works. 

> And yes, this is very  custom done for the CentOS ecosystem and
> address's the problems and hurdles that we run into with the localised
> process. Koji is a great system, just like OBS is - but they solve
> different problems and do so in a way that makes both of them really bad
> solutions for the distro-rebuild and tracking process's.
> In other interesting artifacts ( and mostly from free win's ) include
> being able to test external third party repo's for pre-updates-release
> breakage's.... Another feature is the constant compose ( the
> next-release-tree is constantly composed on every update build, so were
> pretty much ready to go for the next release every night.. a feature
> that came in handy for the 6.2 release.)
> again, just to be clear - this system works for c6 now, and will for c7
> etc ( unless we come up with something else ). We are very much
> committed to using plague for c4/c5 for the time being. The pain
> associated with migrating and then proving the system for c5 would be
> more than is justifiable at this point.
> Bit of a brain dump, but there you have it.

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